It’s something we should all do before heading outside – put on sunscreen. But did you know some may not really work? And, others contain ingredients that can be bad for us and our planet. Do Your Part and pick a better sunscreen.

One common and controversial ingredient to watch out for is oxybenzone. It’s allowed in sunscreens but is linked the health problems and even cancer. Many other chemicals found in the most popular brands of sunscreen can also seep into your bloodstream, triggering rashes or even altering our hormonal systems.

Not only that, most popular sunscreens on the market aren’t effective when it comes to preventing skin cancer. And if you opt for spray on sunscreen, you could inhale dangerous chemicals. So what should you look for?

The Environmental Working Group recommends looking for sunscreens that contain zinc and titanium instead of oxybenzone. Those will provide the safest protection from the sun. Their website rates sunscreens for you and if you’re stumped in the store, they’ve got an app that makes it easy for you to shop smart.

Remember, chemicals in the sunscreen we use eventually build up in our bodies and the environment! And, since the labels on sunscreen bottles go largely unchecked, it’s critical to Do Your Part and pick the safest sunscreen.
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