If you have a cat or dog at home – you know pet smells and stains are just a fact of life. Before you reach for a product filled with unwanted chemicals, Do Your Part and consider safer options.

One of the most effective and economical options is to use baking soda. Sprinkle the powder in litter boxes to prevent smells. For stains, a paste made with baking soda and water can be used on carpets and some fabrics to remove the evidence and to deodorize.

Club soda is another carpet saver! It will help bring the stain up to the surface so just blot it away. Go further by sprinkling baking soda on the area after it dries.

Vinegar is another favorite of mine when cleaning up from pets. White vinegar will help you kill bacteria and will deodorize the area. Spray it on and then scrub the spot. Lemon juice can also be used to neutralize the smell.

Then there are some store bought options. Ones by Clean and Green work wonders on tough spots – including leather. They also have non-toxic fabric deodorizers that are good for places where you pets like to hang out.

Using unwanted chemicals in homes isn’t good for us or our pets. So the next time you have to clean up an accident…Do Your Part and make a healthier choice.