We all know that donating items we no longer need to Goodwill is a great way to Do Your Part. But, if you haven’t checked out one of their retail stores lately, you don’t know what you’re missing because this is not your grandfather’s Goodwill.

Just take a look at all the stuff you’re missing. Most of the items are gently used but you can find a number of items that are brand new. Terri found a $190 Ralph Lauren dress that still had the tags on it for less than five bucks. And, you can accessorize your outfit with the perfect purse or a pair of shoes.

And for the guys, you can find amazing deals like suit coat and pants for just a few dollars a piece. There are also plenty of unique items like garden fountains or even weather radios.

Goodwill’s retail stores make you feel like you’re shopping in a department store with things like brand named sunglasses here, jewelry, even wedding gowns that have been preserved and boxed up.

There are so many treasures to uncover and it is easy to put together an entire outfit for less than ten bucks.

Remember, whether you’re donating or shopping at Goodwill you’re Doing Your Part to help put people back to work in your own community. You’re also Doing Your Part to keep valuable items out of the landfill.