If you’re a parent like me, you know how quickly kids grow out of their clothes and how soon we are shelling out money for even more. Instead of buying brand new clothes, Do Your Part and check out resale shops.

You can find name brands, trendy clothing and all kinds of accessories at national chains like this one that specialize in teen and young adult clothing. And, your kids can actually help pay for their stuff by selling some of the items they no longer wear.

There are other stores across the country which focus on clothes for younger kids. These are the perfect places to find smart deals on brand named, high quality clothing in even the smallest of sizes.

And it’s not just about the clothes. Why buy new when you can opt for like-swings, cradles, strollers and other gear for just a fraction of the cost?

Not only will you save and make money at resale shops – you will also help keep those items from going to waste in a landfill. What an important lesson in Doing Your Part to pass along to your kids.

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