One of the simplest ways to Do Your Part is to reduce! You can reduce amount of energy you use, the water you waste and the toxic chemicals you bring into your home.

When you reduce, you conserve natural resources and create less air, land and water pollution. And you’ll lower your eco-footprint and save money too.

Using less energy is a big one. Start by weatherizing your home. Seal up gaps to make sure the warm or cool air does not escape. Opt for energy saving solutions in your home like a programmable thermostat, LED lighting, Energy Star-rated appliances and power strips that will kill the phantom load of electronics and chargers that sip power even when they aren’t in use.

Using less water is easy. Install low flow toilets and fixtures, turn off tap while you brush, lather or shave. Outside use your irrigation system only when needed, use a spray nozzle on every hose and incorporate native plants in your yard which naturally require less water.

It’s also important to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in and around your home that ultimately end up in our environment. Use eco-friendly cleaners, paints and thinners with no volatile organic compounds or VOCS and limit the use of particle board that can release formaldehyde into your home.

Look for other ways to reduce your eco-footprint at And remember when you reduce, you’ll start saving money too.