One easy way to Do Your Part is to make sure clothing you no longer need is getting reused. But what if you have items that are torn or you think really aren’t usable again? Goodwill wants them both. If your clothes have no tears, stains or buttons missing, they’ll go to the Goodwill sales floor.

Bo Hussey from Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont says, “Something that you would give someone as a hand me down or something that you would give your neighbor to use.” Many of the items are brand name clothing and some are brand new. Hussey says someone could put together an outfit for under $10.

But what about old clothing or other things like rags, bedding or towels that are too worn out to be re-used? Well, Goodwill wants these, too. But, the textiles cannot be wet or contaminated with chemicals. These items are sorted and sold for recycling or many other uses such as sofa stuffing.

Donating these textiles means they are kept out of our growing landfills. All of the money Goodwill generates through your donations goes right back into helping people in your community find work. More than 80 cents of every dollar Goodwill takes in goes directly to their job training programs. Don’t forget, when you make a donation, you’ll also get a tax deduction.

So don’t just toss out your torn clothing or items you think can’t be used again. Make sure they’re getting reused too. It turns out they’re not so worthless after all!

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