Looking for way to get that deep clean without toxic chemicals? We have everything you need. Whether it’s green cleaner recipes, ways to lighten your laundry’s load, or solutions for any household waste that may be lurking around your home.

Green Cleaning Recipes

• Do Your Part Green Cleaning Recipes

Safe Products

• EPA Database of Safe Products

Paper Towels

• Environmental Ratings of Paper Products and Brands

Household Waste

• EPA Guide to Proper Household Waste Disposal
• Earth 911 Database of Recycling Centers


• Eco Friendly Wooden Drying Rack

Dry Cleaners

• Database of Green Dry Cleaners and Cleaning Services
• EPA Guide to Green Dry Cleaners
• Find a Greener Cleaner Near You


• Pet Stains and Smells
• Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Pets
• Green Pet Guide from The Natural Resources Defense Council

Car Washing

• Autobell – Eco Friendly Car Washing Service