Do Your Part to tread lightly when picking out your next pet shampoo! Terri is a big dog lover and nothing’s worse than a stinky dog—well, maybe two stinky dogs!

If you think all pet shampoos are the same, think again. Many of the ingredients found in popular ones are petroleum-based and are known to actually irritate skin, create rashes and cause cancer.

Over time, those toxins can be absorbed into your pet’s skin and into the skin of the person doing the dog washing! Not only that, those toxins go right down the drain during bath time.

If you want to go for an organic or natural shampoo for your pet, here’s what to look for: make sure your choice is free from coloring, preservatives or fragrances. Those ingredients all have names that sound like chemicals!

Instead, look for shampoos that are made with non-toxic and organic ingredients. Shop for shampoos infused with essential oils. They make a dog’s coat look and smell great.

If your dog has dry skin or allergies there are plenty of natural shampoos that can make your pet feel better. Try ones that are hypoallergenic for allergies and others that have oatmeal to deal with itchy, dry skin.

There are roughly 73 million pet dogs in this country alone. We can lower our eco-footprint when we wash them with natural and organic products. So Do Your Part when it comes to smelly dogs — they’ll feel better — and you’ll feel better when you tread lightly on our planet.

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