Does your family go through several cartons of juice each month or dozens of juice boxes? The problem is that both can create a lot of waste. Instead, Do Your Part and buy concentrated juice.  You’ll create less trash and you’ll even save some money.

Concentrated juices simply mean that the water has been taken out. Then, you rehydrate it at home by adding a few cans of water.
So, one can can produce the same amount of juice as a much larger jug of juice. The concentrated varieties also take less energy to store and ship because they arrive without all the extra water.  And, its packaging is easily recyclable.

It’s also more economical. You’ll save about a nickel on ounce.  And that adds up.  If someone in your home drinks 12 ounces of juice a day – you’ll save more than 200 dollars a year. You’ll save even more if you swap out juice boxes for concentrated juice you can put into a reusable container. If your child uses one of these a day, you’ll save more than a hundred dollars a year. Plus, juice boxes a tricky to recycle and will be tossed into the trash at most schools.

Do Your Part when shopping for juice. You can go easy on the planet and your wallet by making a few better choices.