Charlotte has a new residential recycling program and you can Do Your Part by not only participating but by knowing all of the items you can now add to your 96 gallon recycling bin. You can still recycle all of the items you recycled before but here are some of the new items you can now recycle.

All aerosol cans can now be recycled along with milk cartons and juice boxes. All of those wax-coated paper products we could not recycle before can all be recycled now. And here’s the biggie: plastics. Most plastics can now be recycled. Anything plastic has a number on the bottom of it. All plastics from 1-7 can now be recycled except for plastic labeled number 6.

Other items that can’t be recycled include plastic caps. You need to remove those from all the plastic containers you put in your can. You also can’t recycled pizza boxes, paper towels, or napkins. Any products with food residue on them won’t be accepted. And again, no number 6 plastics which include Styrofoam.

And finally, roll your bin to the curb and don’t leave it on the sidewalk. Leave a few feet between it and your garbage bin to make it easier to pick up. If you’re not sure when your delivery date is you can go online to or call 311 to find out. Lastly, if you’re not sure what to do with your old red bin, you can use it to collect your recyclables throughout the week or you can Do Your Part and recycle that too!