October 17, 2011

If you can’t live without your smartphone, iPad or laptop, you’re not alone. But the high-tech gadgets in our life use a lot of energy. Now consumers have a resource for using their electronics in an environmentally friendly way. GreenerGadgets.org includes tips on how to buy eco-friendly electronics, use them more wisely and recycle them responsibly when you’re done.

The website features an energy use calculator so consumers can understand how much energy each gadget is using. Research shows the more consumers know about their energy use, the more likely they are to use less and save money. The website also includes an electronics recycling locator to help users find responsible recyclers as well as locations where consumers can repurpose or donate old phones and computers.

GreenerGadgets also has tips for making smart green purchases such as looking for the Energy Star label. The website was created by the Consumer Electronics Association so consumers can better understand how to use their electronics in an eco-friendly way.