Image Credit: LG

September 27, 2011

Up and coming smart home appliances are using the latest technology to help homeowners save energy and money. LG Electronics is launching a new refrigerator that will reduce water and energy use, saving time and money. The world’s first Smart Eco Door is a door-in-door system that makes the appliance less prone to energy loss. The door also has a series of smart functions that help customers manage their food and their entire kitchens. Homeowners can use the refrigerator’s LCD panel or their own smartphone to check what food is inside, where it’s located and when it will expire.

The refrigerator also provides a ‘Night Saving Mode’ that reduces energy consumption by up to four hours at a time and a customized mode that reduces energy use during periods pre-set by the customer. The refrigerator is also smart-grid ready which means once local utilities offer smart-grid energy rate time slots, the refrigerator will automatically re-adjust its temperature and function to take advantage of low energy rates. The smart refrigerator is taking center stage at LG’s European rollout.

LG also recently received the ‘Energy Star Most Efficient 2011′ designation from the Environmental Protection Agency. Two LG refrigerators, eight TVs and five clothes washers met the rigorous qualifications. EPA officials say the designation will help consumers save money and cut pollution by quickly pointing them to the most efficient appliances.