Vacations and Staycations

A Better Travel Bag

Who doesn’t love a little vacation? And, you can Do Your Part during your next getaway by picking a smarter piece of luggage!

The best choice is to use the bags and suitcases you already have. But, if you need some new pieces there are plenty of eco-friendly options. There is a line made by Heys USA which is tough, durable and best of all made from 100% recycled plastic. As a bonus, you can buy these suitcases in all kinds of bright colors so they’re easy to identify.

Major online luggage stores are also offering a wide selection of eco-friendly luggage lines. sells some from many different manufacturers such as Sherpani bags which are mostly constructed from recycled materials and with non-toxic dyes. You can also find responsibly-made backpacks. Some Ameribag backpacks are made from recycled plastic bottles.

No matter what you need to pack, you can now find luggage that sturdy, fashion forward and made with the planet in mind. Now isn’t that a relaxing thought as you take off on your next adventure?

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Adventurous and Affordable Family Vacations

Looking for affordable adventures for the entire family? Do Your Part and explore the hundreds of National Parks across the country. Chances are you’re less than a day’s drive from the perfect getaway like the Great Smoky Mountains, Everglades, or even a beautiful state park.

That’s because America’s Natural Park System spans more than 84 million acres and was created to protect our priceless ecosystems. These parks are the perfect places to have adventures for everyone in your family – everything from camping to rock climbing to cave exploration.

I recommend getting a yearly pass that gets you access to all of our national parks. It’s less than a hundred dollars for four adults. Kids under 16 are always free. So, if you’re ready to go, there are all sorts of tools available to help you plan.

On the National Park’s website, you can search by state or by activities. Not only that, you can map out a longer trip based on the number of days you’ll be on vacation. There are also tons of smart phone apps that can guide you through absolutely everything you want to know.

Once you’re there, remember to leave nothing but tracks at these national treasures. Don’t leave food for animals, take your trash with you, and keep camping and hiking areas as you found them. Seeing these spectacular spots and keeping them protected is the perfect way to Do Your Part while having an adventure of a lifetime.

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