Local Green Guide: Office

There are many ways to Do Your Part at the office. It could be recycling those ink and toner cartridges or stocking up on recycled paper products. No matter what business you’re in, there are easy and economical ways to be greener doing it!


• Ink Cartridge Recycling
• Earth 911 Recycling Database
• Green Office Products and Services
• Shred-It Paper Shredding and Recycling
• Guide to Healthy Office Plants

Local Green Guide: Summer

Summer’s here and that means travel, sun and fun! Do Your Part to make it the best summer yet with our Green Guide to Summer. From saving money with our home energy efficiency videos or protecting your family from dangerous sun burns – we’ve got all the information you need to keep your summer worry-free.

Safe Summer Skin

• Pick A Safer Sunscreen
• Make Mosquitoes Disappear- Naturally
• Top 5 Surprising Sources of Dangerous Formaldehyde
• Is Your Make-up Making You Sick?
• Safer Shampoos, Soaps, and Skin Lotions

Entertaining Kids

• Build a Bird Feeder
• Make Reusable Bags + Bird Feeder
• Create Personalized Organizers
• Bring Crayons Back To Life

Getting Away

• Visit a National Park
• Find a Clean Beach
• Top 5 Eco Destinations

Keep Your Cool

• Keep Cool In Your Home
• Programmable Thermostat Lowers High Utility Bills
• Save Money on Cooling Costs
• An Easy Attic Fix To Save Money
• Save Money and Energy with Quick Home Fixes

Local Green Guide: Green Gifts and Gadgets

Looking for unique and oh-so-green gifts? Whether you want an eco-friendly gadget accessory or jewelry made responsibly, here are some places to visit for one stop shopping for everyone on your list.


• Go Green Items
• Solar Powered Backpack
• LED Flashlight
• Bead For Life Eco Jewelry
• Figs and Ginger Eco-Friendly Jewelry and Party Favors

Local Green Guide: Decorating

Picking out new paints or furniture for your home? Don’t pollute while you decorate. Instead, check out the resources below to get all the information you need on safer paints and furniture choices.


• Consumer Reports Paint Information
• EPA Information on VOC

Home Goods

• Habitat Home Store

Local Green Guide: Recreation

Want to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. We’re here to help! Here are suggestions about eco-friendly day trips, safe beaches, and local hiking trails. Enjoy!


• Nature Rocks
• This Green Life Nature Map
• U.S. National Parks Service


• Beach Goers Map
• Beach Advisory And Closing Online Notification
• Ocean Conservancy
• Ocean Water Quality Information

Local Green Guide: Volunteering

Looking for ways to give back in your community? There are endless opportunities for you and your family to help clean up the air, land, and water where you live. There are also ways for you keep e-waste out of our landfills and help create green jobs right in your own neighborhood.


• Volunteer at Goodwill
• Volunteer at Habitat For Humanity
• Volunteer at Keep America Beautiful
• Volunteer at Adopt a Stream
• Volunteering Database: Volunteer Match

Local Green Guide: Lower Your Utility Bills

When you save money, you save resources. These section will supply you with the information and products to make your home energy and water efficient. Trust us, your wallet will thank you, too!


• Drying Rack


• Energy Star
• Light Bulbs


• Huffington Post Flatscreen TV Guide
• Best Syndication Guide to TVs
• Television Electricity Use Report

New Homes

• Energy Star


• Tool King
• Amazon.com
• Lowes Home Improvement
• Home Depot

Local Green Guide: Phone Apps

Going green? Yep, there’s an app for that. In fact, there are many apps which will lead you help you shop for healthier foods, safer sunscreens, and other eco-friendly products. That makes it almost too easy to be green on the go.


• The Find Green App
• GoodGuide
• Green Gas Saver
• Sustainable Seafood:
• Light Bulb Finder
• Divide the Ride Carpooling
• Zim Ride Carpooling
• E-Ride Share
• Environmental Working Group’s Clean Food App

Local Green Guide: Transportation

We can make a huge impact on the planet by changing how we get around town or commute to work. If you’re looking to create carpool schedules in a flash, find fellow walkers and bikers, or get info on car sharing services – you’re at the right place.


• Pedestrian and Bicycle Information
• Walk Friendly Communities
• Pedestrian Safety

Car Sharing

• Route Matching Ride Share
• Divide the Ride
• eRide Share


• City Biking

Local Green Guide: Recycling

Stumped on how to recycle something? Before you trash it, check these resources out. They provide information on how to recycle anything – from electronics to shoes to light bulbs.

Recycling Plastics

• Earth911 Recycling Database
• Charlotte, NC Recycling
• Recycled Plastics Product Directory
• Kids Guide To Energy


• iBike
• Bike Recycling
• Craigslist


• Shoe Donation
• Reuse a Shoe


• Goodwill

Recycle Points

• Recycling Rewards


• Free Battery and Cellphone Collection
• Earth 911 Recycling Database


• Buy and Sell Electronics
• Get Cash For Your Gadgets
• Goodwill
• Apple
• Outdated Technology
• Eco News and Research

Light Bulbs

• Lightbulb Recycling Program


• Yellow Pages


• CVS Pharmacy