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Terri Named One Of Charlotte Region’s Most Influential Women


It’s official! The Mecklenburg Times named Do Your Part founder, Terri Bennett, as one of the 50 Most Influential Women of 2013 for the Charlotte region. This award spotlights women whose work within business, government, education, and non-profit fields is creating positive change in the area. The award culminated with the 50 Influential Women’s Event held on the evening of May 31st at the Hilton Charlotte Center City. You can read more on the other award recipients by clicking here.

Searching for the Safest Sunscreen


One of the best parts of the summer for me is hitting the lake with family and friends. I love relaxing on the water and feeling the sun on my skin. What I don’t love is jumping through hurdles to find the safest sunscreen among all the different varieties on store shelves. This year though, sunscreen manufacturers are required to make a few important changes to their sunscreen labels. While these changes will help you Do Your Part to make the healthiest sunscreen choice for your family – there’s still plenty of homework for you to do.

Terri’s Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2013

Looking to make a difference this Earth Day? There are many ways you can Do Your Part to make our planet healthier. It could be volunteering, supporting local farmers, or even planting a tree. Here are Terri’s Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day to inspire you today and everyday.

Healthier Living Room Checklist

Going green at home doesn’t mean spending a whole lot of money on home improvements or investing in expensive pieces of furniture or the latest and greatest in green technology. Instead, there are ways to find all sorts of ways to use less, waste less, and save more without blowing your budget. Today I’m focusing on how to Do Your Part in the living room for a healthier home.

How Women Really Make a Difference


We have heard a lot this week about the power of women. We’ve heard how we’ve impacted the presidential election and many close statewide races. But today, I’m not talking about the power of women politically. I want to talk about the power of women when it comes to creating healthier homes, demanding safer products, and ultimately creating a more sustainable lifestyle for our families. Do Your Part and realize the big impact you have – today.

Top 5 Smarter Grocery Store Swaps to Save

‘Do Your Part’ is about making everyday choices that are better for you, your family, and the environment. One way you can make a difference today is by making a few simple swaps when you go to the grocery store. The next time you head out to your local supermarket, keep these top 5 green choices in mind:

Top 5 Solutions to Recycling Problems


I know a handful of people who have gotten their hands on the new iPhone 5. And with millions more people buying the same product, it got me to thinking about recycling all the stuff in our home that’s outdated or used up. Most people know to turn in an old smartphone for credit with their service provider or sell it for cash at a number of stores or online spots but what about the other things that are a little trickier? Do Your Part and check out my ‘Top 5 Solutions to Your Recycling Problems’.

Do Your Part When You Treat Pet Stains and Smells

If you have a cat or dog at home, you know pet smells and stains are just a fact of life. Before you reach for a product filled with unwanted chemicals to clean up after them, Do Your Part and consider a few safer options for your pet and your family.

Go Green Before Getting Away

Will you be getting away from the daily grind this summer? Before you jump in the car for a road trip or board a plane to a faraway destination, Do Your Part at home to conserve energy and money while you’re away. Here is my checklist for going green – before you go.

Top 7 Secrets To Commuting By Bike


Do you wince when you fill up your gas tank? Don’t expect the pain at the pump to end anytime soon. That makes it the right time to grab your bike and use it to get to work and run errands. You’ll save money and Do Your Part for the planet at the same time. Here are my ‘Top 7 Secrets to Commuting by Bike.’

1) Ride the Right Bike

The right bike will make all the difference in the world. There are simple mountain bikes or ones made with commuting in mind. You can find ones which will have everything from chain guards to fenders to hardwired lights. There are even bikes with skirt guards so you can wear your favorite dress or skirt without worry.

2) Ride Responsibly

In places where there are no designated bike lanes, position yourself as far to the right as is practical. And, be on the watch for the so called “door zone” with cars parked on the street. That’s the space where drivers open up their doors which can cause serious injury to cyclists. Try not to ride on sidewalks which are for pedestrians or on the left side of the street where drivers may not see you until.

3) Select Safety Accessories

A bike mirror mounted on your left handlebar will be your best friend. You can use it to scan traffic behind you. Another good idea is a set of lights for the front and rear. If you’re going to be riding early in the morning, at dusk or at night, lights are mandatory as it is almost impossible to see a bike clearly during these times. You’ll also want to invest in a bike lock.

4) Research Your Route

Your usual way of getting someplace by car may not be the safest way to go by bike. A higher level of comfort will only come with time and experience so if you are new to commuting by bike, plan your route carefully. Google maps offers a fantastic tool for this that factors in your mode of transportation and will filter out bike unfriendly roads.

5) Stash Your Stuff

You’ll also need some way to carry your stuff. Backpacks or messenger bags are good options especially ones with a waist strap. You could also use a basket or rear racks. You might be surprised to see how much you can actually transport with the right equipment.

6) Use Your Helmet

Make sure your helmet fits properly. It should be snug but comfortable and the bottom edge of the helmet should be two finger widths above your eyebrow. And remember, ones with more vents are better in the summer and less vents will make you more comfortable in winter.

7) Stay Strong

At some point, somebody is going to tell you that you are crazy for using a bike to get around. Keep in mind that they are the ones paying those shocking gas prices. You, on the other hand, are Doing Your Part by reducing your dependence on foreign oil and contributing less pollution to our planet.