Our Team
Our Team
Mandy Barrett – Creative Services Manager
Mandy Barrett is the creative services manager at DYP and is very excited to be able to combine her creativity with her passion for the environment. She Does Her Part by recycling voraciously, carrying her DYP green bag everywhere and donating rather than tossing items that can be reused. Since joining the DYP team in the winter of 2009, she has learned from Terri’s videos that vinegar sprays keep the ants out of the house and it’s safe for her 2 year-old daughter, Kennedy, and her chow chow, Chewie. In her free time, Mandy and her husband, Drew, love to go swing dancing, boating and rock climbing, but one of their favorite activities is to take Kennedy on outdoor adventures. And if she ever gets any time to herself, Mandy says that she is determined to start painting again. send email
Sean Lyon – Photojournalist & Videographer
As an award-winning photojournalist, Sean Lyon has captured poignant moments from the volcanic crater of Mt. St. Helens to an HIV-testing site in a Ugandan village. He launched his career in Eugene, Oregon — the home of all things green — and was carrying a reusable water bottle, washing out plastic sandwich baggies, using cloth towels in the kitchen, and recycling and composting long before it was fashionable. He enjoys teaching his family about “treading lightly” on the planet and declares himself king of implementing “Do Your Part” tips. And much to the delight of the environment and dismay of his wife (and possible delight of the dog), Sean recently stopped flushing the toilet at home to conserve water. In the summer of 2008, he channeled this green energy into DYP as videographer, and hopes his efforts inspire you to Do Your Part, too. send email
Megan McLendon – Executive Producer
Megan McLendon is the executive producer for DYP. In that role, she works closely with all the DYP content including the daily Green Dish video, feature videos, newsletters and syndicated columns. Before coming to DYP in the fall of 2008, Megan and Terri Bennett worked closely together for many years at the NBC station in Charlotte, NC. That is where Megan earned both an Emmy award and an Edward R. Murrow award for “Best Newscast.” She is married to a television photographer and is the mom of a rambunctious little girl named Tess. At home, Megan Does Her Part by recycling, using non-toxic cleaners, and incorporating more and more organic foods into her family’s meals. However, she is still trying to break her paper towel addiction but she is making progress! send email