About DYP

The Do Your Part team is on a mission! Our goal is to provide everyday green living ideas to busy moms, dads, and kids. It’s daunting to think about all the help our planet needs. We face crises on many fronts from depleting natural resources to widespread use of toxic chemicals. Most of us want to lead healthier, greener, and more eco-friendly lifestyles but it’s difficult to even know where to begin. That’s where we come in.

Our website, videos, newsletters, and syndicated columns are filled with easy, affordable, and practical ways you can Do Your Part each and every day. And many times, you’ll be saving money in the process. It can be a simple as picking better household cleaners, beauty products, or finding ways to energize your family into recycling more.

At the heart of our Do Your Part team is our founder, Terri Bennett. She hosts all of our Feature videos. Terri was the first female Chief Meteorologist on television in the Carolinas and always had a passion for educating her viewers about the environment around them.

In 2008, Terri started “Do Your Part” as a means to promote practical and meaningful environmental sustainability. Since then, the Do Your Part team has grown to include journalists, photojournalists, producers, writers, social media experts, designers, and editors.

A message from Terri:

Together, we work hard to find solutions to eco-dilemmas most families face. In fact, we use the eco-challenges we face as parents, spouses, pet owners, and nature lovers as inspiration to seek out eco-solutions that we can share with you. Do Your Part is not just a name or slogan – it’s a way of life. And, you play a vital role in the Do Your Part mission. Our hope is that you will adopt more green living practices everyday. We also invite you to join the conversation in our community groups and to share a favorite Do Your Part solution with your friends and co-workers.

Remember, the choices each one of us make on a daily basis have a direct impact on our planet. Let’s show the world what a real difference we can make when we all start taking small steps in the right direction.